Reading and writing have been two of my favorite occupations since grade school. I discovered the great, wide world of self-publishing after I received my Bachelor of Science in Accounting at California Baptist University. Since this time, I have written several eBooks and self-published them on Smashwords. Among my eBooks is my bestseller to date Behind Lewis’s Lions: Searching the Bible for C.S. Lewis’s Lions. Other fictional titles include Destini’s Tale and Jack’s Tale.

I married my husband Alexander Truong in year 2017. He introduced me to the boundless, fearsome world of gaming. We both soon realized I would never be a typical gamer, seeing as I naturally gravitate to more peaceful games such as Stardew Valley and My Time at Portia. My husband and I live in California’s Sacramento Valley.

Where to Find My eBooks

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Soon after my marriage, I met my future writing and editing partner Marissa Adams. Marissa and I have collaborated online as friends and writing partners for several years to encourage each other in the love of reading and writing. The one title we have authored and published together is Halloween Tales. Marissa is currently helping to edit my reviews on my blog Mary Tilden.

It is my goal with this website to recommend or to dissuade my reader from the books, video games, and movies which I have collected over the years. My father often told me that I had great taste in picking out books, and he would often read them before I had the chance to. In my new position as homemaker to these two men, I now have the time to read and review my personal library and media platforms.