Jacquie Lawson’s London Advent Calendar

The Jacquie Lawson team created their first digital Advent Calendar 12 years prior to their latest edition. Each year the Advent Calendar adopts a theme of how the Christmas season is celebrated somewhere in the world. In the year 2020, the panoramic home screen of the digital Advent Calendar portrayed a Nordic scene. The year 2021 represented a somewhat idealized picture of London.

On 30 November 2021, my dear friend gave Jacquie Lawson’s London Advent Calendar to me. I spent many enjoyable evenings and late nights—or should I say, early mornings—perusing this creative celebration leading up to Christ’s birth. To effuse on the wonderment and the ethereal charm found in the games, puzzles, and ornament discoveries would be too simple. Instead, I shall describe the exact workings of the London Advent Calendar so my reader may make an easy decision on whether they want to purchase this year’s Advent Calendar for their own self or their loved ones.

London Advent Calendar – Panoramic Home Screen

Each day that I logged into the digital Advent Calendar, I was presented with the daily video. Since I was unable to log in every day, I was grateful for the option to view the videos I had missed from previous days. I merely needed to find the day I was looking for on the panoramic home screen. The Jacquie Lawson team must have known this would happen, because they created a home screen of the city of London that took me nearly half an hour to completely ogle.

Along with the numbered ornaments representing the daily videos, the home screen held notes on the historical buildings located in London. Some of the more obvious buildings include Buckingham Palace, Westminster Palace, and the Kensington Gardens. There also existed a home that I could enter to play games and puzzles and to learn more about the city of London. Discovering details about the buildings, gardens, and activities found in England was more than charming, considering my personal delight in all things British.

London Advent Calendar – Daily Videos, Games, and Ornaments

The daily videos entertained visually and auditorily. Some videos depicted domesticated pets riding on a train while viewing London’s historical buildings. Other videos showed Londoners engaging in winter activities, such as children throwing snowballs at each other in the Kensington Gardens. Whatever the scene portrayed, classic instrumental accompaniment perfectly complimented the background of the video.

The games found inside the London home included a memory game of matching cookies and the popular match three or more game. I could also put together different puzzles—my favorite being the image of a dog with Santa Claus. Another favorite pastime of mine in the London home was decorating the Christmas tree. In the home screen panorama, I could find one new ornament for each of the 25 Advent days. In my personal London home, I used these 25 ornaments to decorate my Christmas tree and then added some garland and colored lights.

London Advent Calendar – Conclusion

I highly recommend this digital Advent Calendar from the Jacquie Lawson team for every Christmas season! One could almost call this program a point and click game, given the fact that you click and drag the home screen to view all the details. I could even change some of the decorations or cause a short animation when I clicked the objects. Everything combined created the otherworldly charm.

Finding affordable gifts for everyone is difficult. Therefore, if my reader wishes to give reasonably priced and delightful gifts to all their friends and family during the Christmas Advent, please consider visiting www.jacquielawson.com/advent. This is my second or third year in enjoying this digital Advent Calendar, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. My thanks go out to everyone on the Jacquie Lawson team who worked on this project, and to my friend who gifted it to me.