Doctor Who – The Complete First Series

Christopher Eccleston is the most underrated Doctor in the regenerated Doctor Who series. I certainly did not value him as the Doctor when I first watched “Doctor Who: The Complete First Series” as a young woman in her early twenties. David Tennant and Matt Smith were too high on my radar back then to notice Christopher Eccleston. Having recently finished rewatching “Doctor Who: The Complete First Series,” I feel like I now have a better understanding of how great he is as the Doctor in the beloved series.

“Rose” – the First Episode

Although the first episode is laughable, I appreciate getting to know the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose. However, the nemesis is a creature that looks very much like a blob of slimy playdough. I must plead with my reader to not judge the whole series based off the first episode. For many years, I ignored Christopher Eccleston’s “Doctor Who” episodes because of how poorly the first episode was written. Now I know what I’ve been missing out on all these years.

Each episode progressively gains momentum in the plotline and spice between the characters. The overall story between Rose, the Doctor, and other side characters keeps the audience enthralled and eager for the next episode to begin. Eccleston’s Doctor takes Rose to the earth’s end, to her father’s side at his death, to London in the middle of the WWII Blitz, and more. What I found most gripping was the budding romance between the Doctor and Rose.

Characters – Likeability and Growth

Rose is introduced to the audience as a shopkeeper living with her widowed mother. Rose has a boyfriend named Mickey. She likes to eat chips and watch flicks. These ordinary things all help make Rose a very relatable character, until she meets the Doctor.

Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor is gruff and uninviting when the audience first sees him. His words are somewhat abrasive and he tries to push everyone away. But the Doctor is a good man. He simply cannot allow any human person to come to harm when he can do something to prevent it. Therefore, when the first episode’s nemesis tries to harm Rose, he is there to lead her to safety.

Given Rose’s persistent and helpful nature and the Doctor’s love of the human race, the two are bound to travel together. I very much enjoyed how Rose’s natural kindness turned into something much more by the end of the first series. But Rose isn’t the only one to experience character growth as Eccleston’s Doctor grew in strength, determination, and love for all mankind and alien creatures.

Plotline – Engrossing and Brilliant

I feel like I cannot adequately describe the brilliance behind the overall plotline of “Doctor Who: The Complete First Series.” Writer Russel T. Davies weaved together story after story with underlying character growth and romance throughout. This combined with the great performances by Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper created something awe-inducing. And Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman, did much to add to the excitement and watchability.

Though I cringed throughout the episode with Rose’s father, each episode had its own charm and explained something that had already existed within the universe of Doctor Who. I’ve never watched more than an episode or two of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. From what I hear, the Doctor Who universe is broad and deep. I have much to learn.

Doctor Who – A Short Analysis

I do not wish to go into deep philosophical discussions over the meaning behind the final episodes, but I am tempted to. I spent two or three hours in wonder and amazement over the series I had just finished. Questions regarding character growth, the final battle sequence, and the love between a Timelord and a Human infiltrated my mind. I didn’t come up with answers to every question, but I’m now eager to continue to the second series to see what else I’ll experience.

I wholeheartedly admit my love and admiration for the regenerated Doctor Who series, including the Christopher Eccleston episodes. They are clean and have great moral stories. I’ve even heard that some British people consider it a children’s show, which doesn’t hurt my opinion at all. I recommend “Doctor Who: The Complete First Series” to every person of every age. If you have the means to watch, please do! It might change how you view the world.

Score: 10/10